System Introduction


We open the dependable tomorrow with your potential.
HANSCO creates the future with talent who will lead the growth and development.

Life safety and convenience support

  • · Housing fund support (purchase, new construction, lease on a deposit basis)
  • · Life stabilization fund support (medical expenses, disaster, marriage, loan for children who is a university student, etc.)
  • · Various leave for family events, issuance of congratulatory or condolence money, articles, congratulatory or condolence flowers
  • · Child’s tuition fee support, disabled child education fee support, early childhood education fee suppo
  • · Operation of commuting bus

Support for culture & leisure activities

  • · 5-day work week for rest and recharge of employees
  • · Operation of in-house welfare center
  • · Operation of in-house shower room, snack bar, laundry service
  • · Operation of resort and condominiums
  • · Provision of summer vacation, and issuance of vacation fee and winter allowance
  • · Support for usage fee of condo owned by the company (1 night 2 days/year)
  • · Club activity support for promoting friendship and creating a cheerful atmosphere at work
  • · New Year's Day, Chuseok, and Labor Day gifts.

Medical Care & Health Care

  • · Health check-up
  • · Apply 4 major insurances and conduct regular health check-ups for all employees
  • · Comprehensive health check-up by age
  • · Operation of in-house health care room


  • · Gifts given on major anniversary and national holidays
  • · Reward for long-serving employees and consolation trip
  • · Regular picnic party fee
  • · Support of sports events
  • · Subscription of group accident insurance