Concept of Talent
Concept of Talent

Concept of Talent

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A person with proper ethical values

A person having faithfulness, cooperativity, and servicing spirit as well as a proper and sound ethical values in the workplace and family or society.


A person with autonomy and a sense of responsibility

A person who judges and takes action about the given duties on one’s own, and knows how to take responsibility for the outcome and performance.


A person with emotional capacity

A person who has excellent emotional capacity, able to appropriately respond to complex and diverse social relations.


A progressive person with ambition

A person who has a challenging spirit and a desire to achieve to accomplish a given goal, and practice a plan with a positive and active attitude.


A person with activeness and spirit of cooperation

A person with a spirit of cooperation that can actively adapt to an organizational society in addition to one’s individual ability and maximize the synergy effect of an organization.


A person who constantly improves oneself and has strong concentration

A person who constantly strives for self-improvement to use and respond to new information, and has strong concentration for realizing the goal of the organizational society.