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We maximize corporate value with transparent management.
This is the statement of the key management indicators for this year

Stability index

안정성지표에 대한 정보
Classification Ratio
Current ratio 1,394.15%
Debt ratio 9.42%
Total borrowings to total assets 0.00%
In contrast to operating profit
Interest coverage rate
0.00 times

Profitability index

수익성지표에 대한 정보
Classification Ratio
Operating income to sales 9.11%
Net income to sales ratio 8.69%
Return on assets 8.20%
Net income to stockholders’ equity 8.97%
In contrast to total assets
Operating cash flow ratio

Growth Characteristic and Activity

성장성 및 활동성에 대한 정보
Classification Ratio
Net sales growth rate -9.26%
Operating profit growth rate -20.41%
Current net income growth rate 29.22%
Total asset growth rate 5.39%
Asset turnover ratio 0.97