Practical Guidelines for Rule of Ethics
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Practical Guidelines for Rule of Ethics

Practical Guidelines for Rule of Ethics

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Transactions with customers / Comply with the order for sound and fair transaction.

All transactions shall be made in a fair manner at mutually equal grounds, and go through sufficient discussion regarding transaction conditions and transaction procedures. Do not force any form of unfair act or exercise influence using one’s supreme status Do not engage in a transaction with a company that has done something illegal such as tax evasion, accounting fraud, environmental pollution, etc.

Conflict of interest / Do not engage in any unjustified behavior with stakeholders in relation to duties.

Do not provide cash loans or take a bribe from stakeholders that may disrupt your justified execution of business affairs. Do not provide or receive any money or valuables except for ordinary souvenirs and gifts. Do not provide or receive entertainment and convenience exceeding an ordinary level, and do not engage in acts prohibited by the regulations of the beneficiary even in an inevitable case. Do not inform congratulations and condolences to a stakeholder that can influence one’s business affairs, and make sure expenditure for congratulations and condolences do not exceed an ordinary level in line with social customs according to the purpose of mutual aid.

Protection of company assets / Protect company assets and do not use company assets for personal gain.

Do not make yourself or another person obtain unfair profits using important internal information of the company. Provide information requiring security such as company’s confidential information to only authorized personnel, and never leak it outside. Do not use the company’s supplies or facilities for purposes not directly related to company affairs.

Information protection & sharing

The company’s undisclosed or important information must be strictly protected. Do not distort information or spread false information.

Attitude of a HANSCO man / Create an organizational culture trusting and respecting each other.

Do not engage in verbal, physical, and visual behavior giving an unpleasant feeling to other people. Eradicate forming of a faction breaking up an organization, spread of rumors, and discrimination between employees Eliminate barriers between organizations, and create a mutually collaborative organizational atmosphere.

Sound social life / Respect social norms and keep the honor of a HANSCO man.

Avoid an unhealthy private life, and thoroughly strengthen self-management ability. Do not engage in behavior damaging the reputation of Hwanyoung Steel Ind. Co., Ltd. and HANSCO man. Do not engage in activities advantageous to a specific political party or social group using the company’s position.

Compliance with rule of ethics / Establish a corporate culture practicing the rule of ethics.

Make the rule of ethics the basis of behavior and valuation and faithfully abide by the rule. In case one finds out that one’s or another person’s behavior violates the rule of ethics, inform one’s superior or team in charge of ethics. The company must protect and not give disadvantages to the person who notified the fact above. If necessary, a separate standard may be set for the efficient operation of the rule of ethics.