Code of Ethics
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Ethical Management
Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Basic Duties

Hwanyoung Steel Ind. Co., Ltd. takes the management philosophy, “We provide goods and services needed for enhancing and improving human life, and further contribute to the development of culture” as the basis of the code of ethics. We shall grow into an excellent global company by respecting the order of free-market economy aiming for free and fair competition and pursuing joint profit with all stakeholders based on mutual trust and cooperation.

Responsibilities and Obligations for Customers

By putting customer values first in management, we provide products and services of the highest quality at a reasonable price.
We pursue competition in good faith with our competitors and comply with fair trade order.

Ethics for Shareholders and Investors

We pursue the maximization of shareholder values by protecting their rights, respecting reasonable requests and suggestions, and realizing sound profit through efficient management.
We build relationships based on mutual trust with shareholders and investors by transparently disclosing management information.

Responsibilities for Executives and Employees

We support self-realization while fostering talent by respecting individuals’ autonomy and creativity, and fairly granting opportunities for enhancing their abilities.
We do not discriminate and grant fair opportunities according to an individual’s ability and talent. We do our best for the health and safe work environment of our employees.

Responsibilities for the Country and Society

Regardless of whether it is at home or abroad, we run our business by respecting the social values of the local region. We contribute to the national growth by creating jobs and faithfully reporting and paying taxes, and fulfilling responsibilities and obligations as a company praised through educational culture and welfare social business.
We strive to pursue constant growth as an eco-friendly company conducting and complying with systematic environmental management through environmental management and coexisting with nature. We set ethical corporate culture as the highest value, enact the code of ethics, and pledge to practice them as a standard of proper behavior and valuation to be kept by all employees

Self-Diagnosis Table of Corporate Ethics

  1. 1Are you not embarrassed even if your current behavior is disclosed?
  2. 2current behavior is disclosed?
  3. 3Aren’t you making unreasonable demands to others?