ESH(Environment, Safety & Health) Management
Sustainable Management
ESH(Environment, Safety & Health) Management
Safety & Health Management Activities

ESH(Environment, Safety & Health) Management

ESH(Environment, Safety & Health)
In order to secure safety and protect the environment, we have established an ESH management system as a key value and practice it as the basis for management activities.

Process Safety Management (PSM)

We have established human resource & materials management system on various harmful dangerous substances and facilities in accordance with process safety management system.

Emergency response training

Joint training with fire station

Compliance with work procedures

Safety inspection

We are establishing a safe working environment for all employees by improving unsafe conditions and behaviors through continuous site inspections such as labor-management joint inspection, etc

Labor-management joint inspection

Health & Safety Training

We are conducting various health & safety trainings such as expert invitationals and experiential training for the entire staff within the business site including partners and outsourced workers.

Collectively health & safety training for the entire staff

Training for workers belonging to partners and outsourced company

Field support training

Safety management for partners

We are maintaining a symbiotic relationship with partners and environment, health & safety management by securing the same level of safety in all business sites by providing adverse risk information and supporting health & safety.

Operation of symbiotic cooperation group

Provision of health & safety information

Risk assessment and training support

Safety Culture

Executives & staff members and related parties of partners are creating an advanced safety culture for developing a zero disaster business site by encouraging safety awareness and actively participating in health & safety management.

Campaign for safety inspection day

Company-wide safety meeting

Health & safety slogan and poster contest

Health Care

We are conducting various programs for health care of our staff members and partner’s employees.

Health consulting

Furnishing and practical training of automatic defibrillator

Operation of health promotion program