ESH(Environment, Safety & Health) Management
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ESH(Environment, Safety & Health) Management
Goal & Policy

ESH(Environment, Safety & Health) Management

ESH(Environment, Safety & Health)
We have established the ESH management system as the core value to protect the environment and ensure safety, and are practicing these values by taking them as the basis of management activities.

EHS Goal

The entire staff of Hwangyoung Steel Ind. Co., Ltd. and its partners work hard together to provide a healthy life to workers and all stakeholders so they maintain a collaborative system by creating a safe and pleasant work environment and satisfying corporate social responsibilities through active participation of organization members based on the core value of “Respect for Human Life.”

EHS Policy

  • The entire staff shall take safety training and be fully aware of or comply with safety regulations.
  • Unsafe conditions and behaviors shall be controlled by risk assessment.
  • For risks, improvement measures shall be established and corrective action shall be immediately taken.
  • The entire staff will actively participate in environmental protection and health and safety activities.
  • The company shall provide information on adverse risks and support health & safety to ensure safety at the same level in all business sites.

The company is realizing zero disasters by operating the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (KOSHA MS). The entire staff of our company and its partners shall realize the value of respect for human life through preventing industrial disasters by setting up (Plan), running (Do), and checking and taking corrective action (Check) on the action plan according to the goal, and then review (Action) the results to strictly comply with the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) goals.