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Social Contribution

Social Contribution

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We practice companionship for a happy society.
The social contribution of HANSCOl is focused on sincere activities.

Giving back to the local community

We are practicing sharing culture for our neighbors through the Hope Sharing Campaign, and spreading awareness on recycling to citizens through practicing resource saving by participating in ‘Sharing Market with No Disposables’ and continuously participating in ‘1 company’ 1 road cleaning system, and pursuing a pleasant coexistence with the local community with environment purification activities.

Support for the local disadvantaged

We are striving to create a warm society by giving dreams and courage through our small sharing, participating in the ‘Love project for improving the residential environment’ for neighbors unable to receive welfare support.

Fostering Future Talent

As a part of the project for guiding the youth in the right direction, we are providing an equal opportunity for learning and growth through the scholarship project supporting model students recommended by the local school and welfare foundation to discover and foster model teenagers and contribute to building a healthy society.