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Steel Making Process

Steel Making Process

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Steel Making Process

Steel making process is the core process of steel manufacturing which burns and removes various impurities included in molten iron with an electric arc furnace, and converts it into molten steel with steel properties.

Electric Arc Furnace

Electric arc furnace melts scrap metal with arc heat generated between scrap metal and electrode by letting currents flow in an electrode, an electricity conductor, using electrical heat. Scrap metal, the major raw material, is inserted into the electric furnace, and then an arc is generated between the electrode and scrap metal. Then, once the scrap metal is melted by heat, oxygen is injected for oxidation refining. Afterwards, the slug formed through this process is removed and by injecting various slag formers, steel materials with good reducibility are manufactured.

Ladle Refining Furnace

The molten steel from the electric arc furnace is moved to the ladle, where chemical elements are adjusted to be suitable for continuous casting and various impurities are eliminated.

Continuous Casting

This is a process of continuously manufacturing billet, the intermediate material of steel products, by directly injecting refined molten metal into the casts. This process makes billet by moving the molten metal to a continuous casting machine via ladle and then injecting it into a tundish, separating the inclusion out of the molten metal, and injecting molten metal into the molds.