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Reinforcing Bar

HANSCO products are produced with the latest equipment and superior technologies. Even a small product is strictly controlled for the production of products demanded by customers. In the case of high-strength reinforcing bar such as SD400, SD500, and SD600 among our manufactured products, we produce reinforcing bar with superior quality by forming a hardened layer through a rapid cooling process on the surface with water cooling (TEMPCORE) reinforcing bar production method. In addition, we are manufacturing products with various specifications and sizes including special reinforcing bar and seismic proof reinforcing bar according to the rising demand for high-strength seismic proof reinforcing bar. We will continuously respond to the demands of our consumers through constant research & development.

Rolling Mark & Tag

We repeatedly mark the country of origin, manufacturer, nominal diameter, and grade of steel on the surface of reinforcing bar at intervals of less than 1.5m. Furthermore, a color tag (TAG) is attached to the product cross-section.

Rolling mark and tag of bar steel for reinforced concrete (KS D 3504)

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롤링 마크 및 태그에 대한 정보
Classification Marking method (number) TAG
General SD300 No stamps Green
High tensile strength SD400 4 Yellow
SD500 5 Black
Ultra-high tensile strength SD600 6 Gray
SD700 7 Sky Blue
For Welding SD400 W 4 W White
SD500 W 5 W Pink
Special seismic proof SD400 S 4 S Purple
SD500 S 5 S Red
SD600 S 6 S Blue
SD700 S 7 S Orange

Rolling Mark Sample

SD400 D22, 8m Tag Sample