Management Philosophy
Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

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HANSCO will grow as a better company based on management philosophy.


We produce products and services needed for enhancing and improving the everyday life of people, and further contribute to the development of culture. To achieve this purpose, specific methods are decided by gathering the power of all employees and the foresight of the times according to changes in the period.

We strive to make a person producing these products first before producing items and services. For this purpose, we make it a basic principle to allow all people to have equal opportunities and work hard equally. We also strive to foster and appoint talent.

Our products and services must have superior quality and be inexpensive, and must provide perfect services. Therefore, corporate profit is not a purpose, and we receive appropriate compensation as the result of our efforts. A certain degree of profit becomes the measure of our efforts as the cost awareness, superiority and inferiority of quality, and amount of services.

We always strive to improve all systems and take the lead in the innovation of new technologies in line with the times. Good traditions and habits are respected, but we do not hesitate to reform and improve for progress and enhancement. In all aspects, competition is the basic driving force of development and progress. However, since excessive competition is the road to destruction, we work hard to cooperate within the company and between companies.

Management is decided and enforced by gathering the foresight of all employees, and the reward of the outcome must be equally distributed to employees’ capital. Furthermore, we must work hard since the capital is returned to society. Awareness of management responsibility is firmly distinguished between top and bottom, and upper management ultimately makes sure to bear responsibility.