CEO’s Greetings

CEO’s Greetings

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'Becoming the hope of the world’ with steel
HANSCO will open the era of smart steel that transforms the world.

HANSCO has finished constructing a steel mill and a rolling mill equipped with high-tech automation facilities with an output of 800,000 tons per year at Dangjin, Chungnam province in May 1993 by investing 140 billion Won to satisfy the various demands of consumers and to stably supply high-quality steel materials. In September 2002, we have established a stable management environment by being incorporated into KISCO holdings group through a successful M&A.

Since then, we have been continuously carrying out facility investments and technology development, and are enhancing our competitiveness by improving productivity, and establishing high quality and substantiality of low cost especially through rationalizing large-scale facilities including electric furnaces and rolling mill equipment.

We at HANSCO will further evolve steel through developing steel technologies and implementing smart quality control important for establishing the circular economy of the future, and strive to be the company putting our customers satisfaction first with creating a better world our ultimate goal through sustainable products.

Thank you.

Jeong Cheol-Gi, CEO of Hwanyoung Steel Ind. Co., Ltd