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Company Introduction

Company Introduction

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We will become a company taking on challenges toward higher values, and accompanying a better tomorrow.

Only the prepared companies can have the value of tomorrow. HANSCO makes steel products adding richness to our life with the spirit, ‘Become the hope of the world’ as a steel becoming the foundation of life and enriching culture. We will become a company valuing the trust of our customers as our lifeline by producing products of the highest quality at all times with the pride raising the value of life. We will color the world green through today’s green management with the goal of converting corporate profit to social values by repeatedly achieving transparent growth.

The 100-ton capacity DC electric furnace and 6-line billet casting equipment are automatically controlled by a computer as HANSCO quickly responds to the rapidly changing market. We are producing conforming steel bars by melting strictly selected quality scrap metal with high tech equipment, and Reinforcing Bar rolling equipment produces 750 thousand tons of steel per year according to the required product.

All HANSCO steel products adding beauty and enriching our lives will become the link creating trust with our customers.

The electric furnace owned by HANSCO is a DC electric furnace that melts scrap metals with arc heat. It is a steel-making facility suitable for environmental preservation since it consumes less electricity than the existing AC electric furnace, creates less noise, and emits less gas. In addition, products produced through auto control system by computers, and full hot charge method and mill that directly delivers hot billets to rolling lines always maintain a certain level or higher quality, and stably supplies products of the highest quality to consumers.

Produced products

Products Output

년도별 품목 생산량에 대한 정보
Item 2023 (47rd period) 2022 (46th period) 2021 (45th period) 2020 (44th period)
Reinforcing Bar 650,021 728,654 768,622 642,551
Billet 678,829 726,693 781,562 691,070
GAS 12,367 12,267 73,822 61,393
Subtotal 1,341,217 1,467,614 1,624,006 1,395,014

Sales volume

년도별 품목 판매량에 대한 정보
Item 2023 (47rd period) 2022 (46th period) 2021 (45th period) 2020 (44th period)
Reinforcing Bar 649,669 712,143 764,926 639,733
Billet 20,103 0 21,759 49,745
GAS 4,540 1,711 30,100 22,696
Subtotal 674,312 713,854 816,785 712,174